Our Mission

E xpress the Gospel of Jesus

Barfield Baptist Church endeavors first to expand God’s Kingdom by fulfilling the Great Commission. We do this by Expressing the Gospel of Jesus through our weekly messages, gospel tract distribution, radio ministry, internet outreach, and weekly visitation. Our goal is for Barfield Baptist Church to be a great place to meet the Lord!


E xpand the Godliness of Believers

Barfield Baptist Church seeks to help Christians become more like Christ. We believe the best way to Expand the Godliness of Believers is to learn the Bible and apply it to our daily lives. We use Sunday School as a time to study, discuss, and practice the Scriptures. We also give our children the opportunity to learn the Bible in Awana, and we have a Wednesday Bible Study.


E xtend the Grace of Fellowship

Barfield Baptist Church nurtures the atmosphere of a loving, caring family. We Extend the Grace of Fellowship by having regular activities for our Children, Teens, Senior Adults, and Men’s & Women’s outings. We enjoy fellowship dinners, sporting events, and road trips. We live the motto “Loving the Lord, and Loving One Another.”


E xercise the Goals of Service

Barfield Baptist Church pursues the ideal of having an opportunity of service for everyone. We Exercise the Goals of Service by having a “open arms” policy toward those who are interested in ministering to others. If someone wishes to teach, sing, visit, clean, or work with a particular age group — Barfield Baptist Church is the place they are looking for!


E xalt the Glory of God

Barfield Baptist Church recognizes the duty of every person to give honor to our Creator. We Exalt the Glory of God through our music, testimonies, and sermons. We believe the more we learn about our Lord, the more we will love and praise Him. We join with David who said in the Psalm “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together!”