RISE Youth Ministry

RISE Youth Ministry






     Hello and welcome to our RISE youth ministry page.  This ministry is led by our Youth Pastor, Matthew Anderson, and is open to teens age 13 to 18.  Matthew is not your everyday youth pastor and once you get to know him you will understand why.  He is a young man that can relate to the issues that our teens face in today’s society.  He provides spiritual guidance that is paramount in the success of our youth and is constantly seeking opportunities for our teens to become involved in the work of our Lord.  Matthew’s energetic and outgoing personality will provide humor and entertainment that will capture your attention and make learning about our Lord and Savior a fun experience.


     We understand that teens are very relationship-oriented and we know that while our youth group allows for a safe environment for teens to meet new friends it is our goal to surround them with God’s love, God’s people, and God’s Word.  We hope that teens come to our group to enjoy recreation and to broaden friendships but we pray that they can leave knowing the best friend of all, Jesus Christ!  After all, He is the only friend that knows our every trouble and has every answer that we ever will need.  Come be a part of a youth group that will build loyalty, focus, and togetherness for your journey through the teen years.




    Our teens meet regularly and it has been wonderful to watch them grow spiritually as well as in numbers throughout the last year.  They have engaged in mission trips, various youth trips, service days, and they attended a teen camp to just name a few.  Opportunities abound in this up-coming year and this is a teen group that you do not want to miss out on.  We would love for you to become a part of our youth group.  So do not wait any longer to get in on the fun, just CLICK HERE to view our calendar for the upcoming youth events and opportunities.  We will see you soon!